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It should be called "Library of Death.."

I'd really like to describe my day at work to you all. But I might start screaming.

In an effort to dry out the rugs to stop the molding process, some really smart people decided it would be really neat to seal all the doors (and windows) and blast the heat. Two nosebleeds later, when the rugs aren't drying, they raise the heat a little more. This, of course, amplifies the odor from the stale water that was soaked into the rug, along with whatever other really charming substances reside in the children's room carpet. Yum tropical paradise. Then, Anna decides that if we could put every single book away that'd be really nifty, cause we're not gonna get carts upstairs for two days. So I get to work by myself putting a backed up load plus today's loads of books away. I must be God because somehow it all got done. So I was sent downstairs to join in the fun. Shifted some new books, then stretched out on the floor to die. When death didn't come, I crawled over to the window and watched the rain instead. It was funny seeing everyone at work wearing the bare decent minimum allowed, dress casual. I'm smart and finally decide to dress for winter, so I had to shed my sweatshirt, sweater and upper long sleeve shirt, then roll up my other two shirts cause I was too hot and lazy to take them off.

The fun just never seems to stop at that place.

Re-open target Wednesday.
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