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Weird Ass Night At Work...

Oh my God, so I get to work today and the programming director asks me to put a movie in for a private screening. So, I'm like okay, sure, whatever... I go upstairs to put this movie on for this old man with a very thick accent (I think he was German). Before I put the movie in the old man, with his thick ass accent, asks me if I could sit down, watch his movie (He made the movie himself..), tell him what I thought at the end, and he would pay me, because he wanted to send it off to Cali to have it made into a real movie (The movie was all drawing the man did, but I'll explain more later...). I tell him I can't watch it because I'm working downstairs, he doesn't really understand me, so I go find the programming director and have her tell him I can't.

So, I put the movie on and leave. Later on I go upstairs to the staff room with Alex for our break and she starts telling me about how weird the movie is. I wasn't really paying her any mind and we went back downstairs when our break was over. Eventually I went upstairs to check if the movie was done, which it wasn't and I go over to talk to the children's librarians. They start telling me about how weird the guy who made the movie seems and blah blah blah... After a while Alex comes over with this look of pure horror on her face. We ask her what's wrong and she starts telling us about the movie (She had peeked into see how far along the movie was). She starts telling us about these cartoon scenes with the devil in them and babies being eaten, buildings burning, bodies everywhere. So, I go over and look into see what the hell she's talking about. I'm standing there for a bit and I see a scene with buildings and smoke coming out of the windows, so I'm like okay... Then the next scene was a picture of a child with this horrible look on his face, then the camera zooms out and you see dead bodies and planes booming shit in the background. Over this there is some funky ass music. The camera zooms into the child’s face again, this time the man is speaking in some weird language in the background. Then the camera zooms out and pans to the end of the page where this devil is just grinning. It was so fucking evil.

I go tell the children's librarians what I saw, then Alex and I go back to watch some more. And it was just fucking evil. The old man is in the background talking in tongues and mixing up languages (French, English, German & Greek, from what Alex and I made out). There were scene with the devil and all of this other weird shit. And note this whole movie is just drawnings with a camera panning over the picture/whoever is speaking.

It was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. It was like pure evil.

At one point, one of the librarians walked past and looked in and he thought it was kinda weird, yet funny. Which disturbed Alex and I a tad. He leaves and we continue to watch this movie from the door in horror and I see the old man move and I ran into the womans bathroom and Alex followed. We stayed in there for a while then we went downstairs to talk to the librarian in charge. We tell her about everything we watched and she said she'd talk to people tomorrow about it.

Then Alex and I went to clean, then I went to look to see where the guy was with his movie, nothing really weird was happening so I went to talk to the children's librarians, then they called that the library was closing in five minutes, so we were leaving the children's area and the old man is outside the auditorium waiting for me to give him his movie back. I take it out and give it to him, he shakes my hand and thanks me, then he leaves.

It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking weird. I can't even explain how strange and fucked up the whole situation was. Maybe Alex can explain at a later point in time.
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Deleted comment

You have no idea how truly disturbing it was.

I have a twisted sense of humor and I love bloody horror flicks, and this man & his movie made me want to cry.