Sabriela (sabriela) wrote in library_of_doom,

DVDs and Mayhem

Tales from the library...

David: We must tattletape all the plastic DVD cases. And by we, I mean you evening and weekend staff.
Robyne: Ok but the tattletape is double sided and it's going to stick to the DVDs and come off and get lost.
David: No it won't and you're just a part timer, we don't care for your opinion.
Robyne: Ok, we'll do it but don't ask me when it needs to be done again.

Robyne and I (and some other people who aren't important to the story)stick tattletape in the special DVD cases.

Two weeks later...

David: All the tattletape has come off so I have come up with a new plan. We will stick a different sort of tattletape in all the cases.
Robyne: *sigh*

True story.
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