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Rapist In The Library...

So, on Saturday I was working and I finally got to see what "Staker Joe" looks like ("Staker Joe" is this Puerto Rican guy with a hearing aid and long dark hair wore in a ponytail, who he recently got out of jail and is a convicted rapist).

He was following Angela around, so she came to me and told me. I was like you need to tell Anna (our supervisor) and she was like "I dunno..." So, I went up to Anna and I told her what was going on and as I was talking to her Angela came behind the desk and "Staker Joe" followed her and was waiting by the entrance. Anna walked up to him and asked him if he needed any help. He started talking to her and he made up some bullshit story about him being the manager at some club in like Westbury or something, and he was telling her that Angela had tried to get in and he was trying to talk to her and how dare she walk away from him... Blah blah blah blah blah...

Angela and I were waiting behind the desk for her, and when she came back she was telling us what he said. Then she told us we need to tell the librarians and we needed to write what happened up in the incident book. By the time we got to Phil (one of the librarians) "Staker Joe" was gone.

So, now all the pages have to watch there backs (since God knows we now have the worst security guard ever).

Isn't it great working with the public?
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